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2017-02-19 21:04:59

    French and Hungarian fishbone pattern


    Bright side of oak


    More nature in wood


    The King of wood


    Only with Logo


Parkiet dębowy

Try your floor  Go to arranger



Sale ends of series and ends of collection. Please check our outlet product list.


Jodełka francuska

Chevron is a floor, which laths are cut at an acute angle, what allows to install the floor characteristically. Practically, each of our boards can be bought...  Read more


Oznakowanie Flooria

Every single day, we do our best to care about the highest quality of our product, assuring it with the warranty. Respecting our effort and your money invested in our product, we introduced...Read more

Thermal modification

Thermal modification of wood

Our company specializes in thermal modifications of ash lumber, pine lumber and also other sorts of wood since 2008. Use our experience and...

Read more

About Us

Parkiety Jabłoński company has taken down its current profile in 1992. Since that time we produce solid wooden floors. In our offer, apart from floors made of oak and ash. Read more >>>


Parkiety Jabłoński
Tchorznica 59, 08-331 Sabnie

tel.: +48 25 7874670
tel.: +48 25 7874671

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