16th April, 2014

FSC logo
Since that day our company is holder of certificate for product of category FSC 100%
This certificate is awarded to organizations that lead the responsible forests management and run company according to current low and follow employees and local societies rights. More about the certificate in this article.

18th October, 2013

From now on every Flooria line board, which leaves our production line, has the Flooria logo printed. It is to assure our customers that they have invested their money in the product, which was certainly created with our hard work , years of experience and knowledge and also by the use of the newest technology, which we can use thanks to our customers. Moreover, there is also CE mark printed near the logo, which is a confirmation of the product's conformity with the norm and the number of consignment, what helps to identify the board. 

June 2012

Flotation of the very modern production hall in Sawmill Bujały.

Production is moved from many buildings into the one hall. 

1st October, 2011

The start of a new packaging line.

New products brought the necessity of changing the wrappers into those, which better protect the ready-made boards. It was necessary to build the new packaging line.

Ready-made boards' layers are protected from damages with the special sponge. In order to protect them from mechanical damages, they are packaged in cardboards and for isolation of outside factors additionaly a shrink-wrap is added. 

30st September, 2010

Registration of Flooria trademark.

The official start of Flooria boards production. Under this name, a whole variey of finished surface boards is hid.

The boards are varnished UV, oiled with natural oils and dyed. 

27th September, 2010

Flotation of paint shop together with modern painting line.

The very important event in the history of our company and the mile step in its development. Since now on we are able to introduce boards with finished surface into our offer.

The activated painting line is a SmartParquet line of an Italian Cefla (Sorbini) company. It is destined to put UV varnishes and natural oils. The line works together with the Italian grinding machine of the Costa company.

This tandem, with the connection of Chimiver company's varnishes allows to gain varnished surface - thought by our customers to be one of the most significant of our offer. 

24th April, 2010

Activation of the second drying chamber with the computer controlling system. It is already the fourth chamber in our company.

At the same time, the controlling systems of the two older chambers were replaced in order to connect all chambers into the one, centralized computer system. From now on,taking the control of all processing operations in the chambers is possible not only from the office, but also from every single place in the world. It is important since the drying chambers work 24/7.

16th December, 2009

Activation of the new drying chamber with computer controlling system.

It is the first one of the two planned drying chambers with the four times bigger total capacity than the old ones. The Italian producer's chamber is equipped with new technical trends and with the very precise computer controlling system of the processing. Together with the individually designed program, it gives more precision of drying. It is crucial because the moisture content of board directly determines its behaviour on the floor.

9th December, 2009

Activation of the modern dust-cleaning system.

Previous set of filters was replaced with new, more efficient and energy-saving central dust-cleaning system connected with automatical fuel applying system, what significantly improved cleaning of garbages. 

9th October, 2009

Activation of the new boiler room.

Growing production and wareouse places and planned building of the next drying chambers demanded the necessity of modernizing the heating system. Fully automated wood-fired oven with twice bigger power than the previous one.

March-August 2009

Flotation of the new, developed production hall and the warehouses building.

After 5 years, the old production hall became too small - its expansion was necessary. There was also a lack of warehouse places, which were increased almost third times by building a brand new warehouse equipped with inside temperature controlling systems, what helped to create the most convienent conditions for storage products.

6th December, 2008

Developement of the office part of the company.

The progress determined the necessity of hiring new number of office workers and dividing the administration panel into the particular sectors. This followed to the expansion of the office's space. 

11th October, 2008

Flotation of the high-temperature steam kiln to the thermal modification of wood.

New products have appeared in our offer - thermo ash in two different colours: amber and cognac.

We are belong to the group of the first companies in Poland, which has its own heating chamber, what makes us one of the most experienced producers of the thermo wood processing. 

17th August 2004, 12th March 2005

Flotation of the two drying chambers with completely electronical programmed automatic control system of drying.

The controller fulfilling a previously introduced program, setups itself the particular parameters of drying on the basis of current measures of wood moisture content and a climate inside the chamber. It carries it out even during the night and the free days. It significantly increases the effectiveness and quality of drying. 

3rd August, 2004

The beginning of the new production hall. The previous production was moved from many buildings into the new hall.

Moreover, the old office was moved to the new place near the production hall. 

16th August, 2000

Moving of the sawmill part of the workplace to the Bujały location.

Firstly, the product was not produced of the semi-finished product but of the round wood, brought straight from woods. This is the reason why we are sure about the steming of the wood and quality of the raw material. So far, raw production as well as the final production, had been carried out in the same workplace. The necessity of developing made us to divide the organizational structure into the two separate but depended stages - wet producing and final. 

27th August, 1998

Purchase of the first forklift.

A mile step in the production and a particular symbol of changing the mentality of small artisanal workplace into the production workplace.

1st February, 1992

The official beginning of the company Sylwester Jablonski Carpenter's Shop. Since that day, company has begun to work as the producer of wooden floors. Firstly the company worked as the "garage" company hiring only a few workers. The processing was reaching a few hundreds meters monthly.