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Oak parquet and floorboard

Oak Nature grade floorboard

Oak Nature grade parquet


Oak Standard grade floorboard


Oak Rustical grade floorboard


Oak Rustic grade chevron


Alabaster Oak floorboard, varnished


Alabaster Oak floorboard, hardwax oil


Gobi oak parquet


Whitewashed oak floorboard

Whitewashed oak chevron (60 degrees)


Platinium oak floorboard


Topaz oak floorboard

Caramel oak floorboard

Walnut oak floorboard


Thermooak floorboards

Thermooak floorboard

Thermooak chevron


Ash parquet and floorboard

Premium ash floorboard


Natural and Standard ash floorboard


Whitewashed ash floorboard


Thermoash parquet and floorboard

Amber ash floorboard


Cognac ash floorboard


Patterns and decorative

Versalie patern


Slowiczynski pattern


"French Square" pattern