Ash flooring

Ash is a holly tree of Scandinavians. According to their legends, an ash called Yoggrasil reached with its treetop to the sky, and on its highest branches the eagle was nesting - divine bird, watchmen of order on Earth. Slavs valued ash for its healing caracteristics - it wał used as a remedy for "the bites of all vermin" butalso for other cases. Sleeping under the ash strengthened on the body and mind. Ash gave wisdom, healed but also killed: No arrow was as accurate as ash and no spear as effective. [source]

Ash is a perfect material for board or parquet. In practice, this wood is as hard and long-lasting as oak, but it differs in character. Ash flooring is more diverse and less classic than oak, which suits some customers.

Royal Ash board colour is toned in a warm shade of beige. Royal Ash fits to majority of interiors. It is also called Dark Ash.
Natural ash wood is characterized by the mix of bright and dark colours. This feature is a base of the board in natural genre - it is a connection of…
Standard ash is a board with very various colour scheme. Knots, knotty graining and other features influencing the various look of floor are acceptable. Among unstained boards, standard ash is…
Floor which certainly grabs customers' attention. We offer floors finished with UV varnish or natural oil.